Statement on Five Aborted Infants Discovered in Washington, D.C.

The bodies of the five late-term aborted infants recovered from Dr. Cesare Santangelo’s Washington Surgi-Center in Washington, D.C.—Christopher X, Harriet, Holly, Ángel, and Phoenix—are prima facie physical evidence that these babies died the victims of criminal partial-birth abortions and infanticide. There is no evidence these infants were aborted legally. Instead, the available evidence indicates they were delivered alive and killed in the rush to supply them to a medical waste energy plant to burn for electricity. We demand an independent autopsy to confirm the cause of death of these infants, and we call on public authorities to hold criminal providers who commit partial-birth abortions accountable under the law.

#JusticeForTheFive #DCPDAutopsyNOW

Attributable to investigative reporter David Daleiden, founder and president of The Center for Medical Progress