9/4 Day 2 Planned Parenthood Undercover Video Prosecution Summary

Sworn testimony continued with multiple Planned Parenthood witnesses today in the California Attorney General’s unprecedented video recording case against CMP investigators David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Key moments included:

  • Doe 3, a famous 3rd-trimester abortion doctor, referred to David Daleiden as “an affable young man”
  • Doe 3 described herself as a public figure and very open about her controversial late-term abortion work, and was proud of her role in a widely-publicized documentary film about late-term abortion
  • When asked about StemExpress, Doe 3 claimed not to remember the company, but when questioned further, she acknowledged that workers from a procurement company that resold fetal organs and tissues made visits to the Planned Parenthood Mar Monte clinic she worked at in Fresno, CA
  • Doe 3 testified there was no way to know whether individual representatives at an Exhibit Booth at the National Abortion Federation trade show were pro-life or pro-choice
  • The Attorney General’s office, at the sudden prompting of Planned Parenthood, switched the order of witnesses so that Doe 9 would take the stand in the afternoon instead of Doe 10. This last-minute swap appeared orchestrated to interfere with the Defense, who had been preparing for Doe 10.
  • Doe 9 refused to give a direct answer to questions about what she meant by her description of a method to obtain intact fetal heads by flipping the position of the baby to feet-first before extraction, the hallmark of illegal partial-birth abortions
  • Twitter briefly suspended, and then reinstated, CMP’s Twitter access after Planned Parenthood lawyers falsely described CMP’s tweets reporting on the public hearing as “live streaming” the hearing

Proceedings resume at 9:00 A.M. tomorrow, September 5, in Department 10 of the San Francisco Superior Court, 850 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.