9/11 Day 5 Planned Parenthood Undercover Video Prosecution Summary

It was a contentious fifth day at the Hall of Justice in San Francisco. First, Judge Christopher Hite heard arguments on the Attorney General’s request for a gag order against Daleiden, Merritt and their attorneys for the duration of the public hearing. The AG’s request was baseless and Judge Hite ruled against the gag order on First Amendment grounds. Next, StemExpress’ Doe 12 returned for cross examination after her gruesome testimony last Thursday. She was followed by former PPLA Medical Director Doe 10.

  • AG’s office not only sought gag order but also sought an unfounded ‘stay away’ order against Daleiden on behalf of Doe 12. Judge Hite ruled against the AG on First Amendment grounds and the lack of any evidence of wrongdoing by the Defendants.
  • When the defense asked Doe 12 if her Medical Director, Dr. Ronald Berman, also worked for Planned Parenthood as an abortion provider at the same time he was employed by StemExpress, Doe 12 refused to answer. Later she admitted to knowing her medical director did, at some point, perform abortions at multiple locations.
  • The defense presented Doe 12 with the 2010 contract submitted by Planned Parenthood to the U.S. Congress which set out the terms for StemExpress’ purchase of “products of conception” from abortions at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte. Doe 12 questioned the veracity of the document.
  • Doe 12 impugned Daleiden and Merritt on the stand several times, enough to be admonished by Judge Hite. She was told to answer only the questions asked of her by defense counsel.
  • Shortly after CMP’s videos were released, StemExpress sued CMP. Documents from that lawsuit included a sworn declaration by Doe 12 in which she admitted an NDA was sent to Biomax representatives only after their undercover dinner meeting with StemExpress. When asked about the prior testimony she signed, Doe 12 stubbornly refused to recognize it as her own. Doe 12 accused defense counsel and Daleiden of doctoring documents.
  • Doe 10, a longtime Planned Parenthood medical director, stated she expects her “business” meetings in “public” places like restaurants to be private and confidential.
  • Doe 10 testified that while she was medical director of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, there were no rules at PPLA against changing abortion “techniques” in order to harvest better quality fetal organs and tissue. She also stated that prior to the release of CMP’s undercover videos, Planned Parenthood did not make a distinction between changing an abortion “method” and changing an abortion “technique” to get better fetal tissue.
  • Doe 10 indicated at first that PPLA supplied fetal tissue directly to university researchers, but then after watching an undercover video clip of herself saying the same thing, claimed that PPLA only supplied fetal tissue to middleman company Novogenix Laboratories, LLC.

Proceedings resume at 9:00 A.M. Thursday, September 12, in Department 10 of the San Francisco Superior Court, 850 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.