CMP Statement on End of Abortion in Texas

Founder and President of The Center for Medical Progress, David Daleiden, released this statement today about the U.S. Supreme Court permitting Texas’ law prohibiting abortions after the baby’s heartbeat can be detected to be enforced:

As the Supreme Court allows Texas’ new fetal heartbeat law to take effect, the tragedy of industrial-scale, state-sponsored violation of the human right to life of infants in the womb is finally ending in the same State where it started nearly 50 years ago. Restraining Planned Parenthood and their industry partners from abortions when the baby’s heart is beating is our common sense moral imperative, and it matters for every single one of us because we were all once tiny infants in the womb known only by our heartbeats. Unaccountable abortion practice in Texas led to the terrible human atrocities of abortion quotas, partial-birth abortions, and selling baby body parts, exposed by The Center for Medical Progress’ undercover reporting. Now at last is the time for a new and more humane way forward, where the progress of our communities is not purchased with the blood of our children.

—David Daleiden, founder and president, The Center for Medical Progress