11/5 – Day 16 – PPFA v. CMP Trial Summary

Day 16 featured damning admissions on the witness stand by Advanced Bioscience Resources Procurement Manager Perrin Larton and founder Linda Tracy, as well as other testimony, as Planned Parenthood’s civil trial against CMP entered its final days.

  • The Defense cross-examined Kevin Paul, Plaintiff Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ general counsel, about the shell LLC that PPRM set up to pay for PPRM VP Savita Ginde’s rent anonymously. Planned Parenthood is suing CMP for using a subsidiary LLC, BioMax Procurement Services, to conduct the undercover investigation of fetal trafficking.
  • The Defense called ABR Procurement Manager Perrin Larton to the witness stand. She testified that she does not recant any of the statements she made to David Daleiden about babies falling out intact for organ harvesting, and that ABR could receive intact fetuses as frequently as every couple months.
  • ABR President Linda Tracy confirmed on the witness stand that her company harvests fetal organs and tissues from Plaintiff Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest, but Planned Parenthood objected to any other affiliates being named.
  • Tracy contradicted herself multiple times on the witness stand when asked questions that could impact Planned Parenthood’s case. Tracy first tried to say that she didn’t discuss “pricing” of fetal tissue at NAF conferences, but then faced her videotaped deposition where she testified the opposite. Under oath and on the tape played in court, Tracy indicated her conversations at NAF included pricing of baby body parts. She further testified in her deposition that at NAF she discussed ABR’s “Regulated Tissue Acquisition” harvesting, for which researchers pay $6,000 per procurement. Tracy also equivocated and contradicted her deposition testimony that her conversations at NAF were not confidential.
  • ABR’s Tracy also revealed that StemExpress Founder and CEO Cate Dyer stole business information from ABR to establish her rival fetal organ and tissue procurement company.
  • Statistician Michael New, PhD testified to the “low quality” and unreliability of the National Abortion Federation’s statistics on crimes and harassment against abortion providers. NAF failed to provide sufficient documentation or corroboration to support the numbers reported.

Proceedings continue at 8 A.M. on Wednesday, November 6, in San Francisco Federal District Court at 450 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102, in Courtroom 2 on Floor 17.