MEDIA ADVISORY: David Daleiden Keynotes March For Life 2019 Conference


Contact: Matille Thebolt, [email protected], 703.683.5004

WASHINGTON, D.C., Jan. 17—David Daleiden, founder and project lead at The Center for Medical Progress, responsible for the groundbreaking undercover video series that recorded top-level Planned Parenthood abortion providers and executives callously negotiating the harvesting and sale of aborted fetal body parts, will deliver the keynote address at the March for Life 2019 Conferenceat 9 A.M. at the Renaissance Washington DC Downtown.

Daleiden’s keynote will reflect on the 2019 March for Life theme “Unique from Day One” and highlight how CMP’s undercover videos provide vivid confirmation from Planned Parenthood’s highest levels that the unborn children killed by abortion are human beings, and these revelations demand that American abortion laws and policies take into account the human equality and dignity of the prenatal child.

Selections from Daleiden’s prepared remarks are below:

“Many people have acknowledged since the release of these undercover videos that Planned Parenthood’s ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mantra about their abortion business is forever gone. The body parts are only valuable for Planned Parenthood and their business partners to sell precisely because the aborted children they are harvested from are human beings just like we are.”

“CMP’s undercover journalism prompted two major Congressional investigations, one at the Senate Judiciary Committee and the other at the House Select Investigative Panel, which corroborated all the main allegations against Planned Parenthood and found even deeper ‘systematic violations’ of the law in Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts programs. The committees made over a dozen criminal and regulatory referrals for PPFA, some of the biggest Planned Parenthood affiliates in the country, and their business partners. Those entities remain under active investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice. Planned Parenthood’s business partners the Da Vinci companies already pled guilty in a $7.8 million settlement with a southern California district attorney, and the D.A. credited CMP’s undercover reporting with prompting the successful prosecution.”

“The pro-life Trump Administration has begun enforcing the law to prevent nearly $60 million in taxpayer money from being funneled through the Title X program to support Planned Parenthood’s abortion business each year.”

“The results of CMP’s videos, such as the Congressional findings and ongoing DOJ investigation, the full enforcement of HHS authorizing statutes to stop subsidizing Planned Parenthood’s abortion business with taxpayer funds, and HHS’s reevaluation of its fetal experimentation programs, show how these videos are continuing to have an impact that is devastating to Planned Parenthood’s abortion business and the industry at large. It’s no wonder that Planned Parenthood and their political allies have retaliated viciously because of it—they are weaponizing the legal system and attacking the First Amendment in order to cover up for their crimes and prop up state-sponsored, industrial-scale child killing.”

“Three years ago, Planned Parenthood filed a massive lawsuit against me in federal court in front of a judge they had long been friends with—and I told them ‘Bring it on.’ Today, they are backing away from producing any of their ‘witnesses’ for cross examination—their own leadership from the undercover videos—for fear of what they might admit to under oath.”

“At the Preliminary Hearing scheduled next month in Planned Parenthood and Kamala Harris’ bogus case against me in San Francisco state court, the leaders and architects of Planned Parenthood’s abortion empire will either admit their criminality under oath, or they will commit perjury trying to cover it up.” 

Documents from the slides shown in Daleiden’s presentation are available here.

The two-week-long, public Preliminary Hearing in State of California v. Daleiden (No. 02502505) will be held in San Francisco Superior Court, February 19—March 4.

The first sworn deposition of a Planned Parenthood witness in the PPFA et al vs. CMP et al federal lawsuit (3:16-cv-00236) is scheduled for January 29.