CMP Statement on Planned Parenthood CEO’s Testimony Before Congress

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards admits in her written testimony before Congress today that she is “proud” of Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts harvesting program. In person, Planned Parenthood’s CEO frequently hid behind the corporate veil of Planned Parenthood’s affiliates and could not provide basic information about Planned Parenthood’s abortion revenue and fetal harvesting practices. Planned Parenthood’s CEO’s evasive testimony will only prolong the controversy over this corrupt and unaccountable organization, while taxpayers continue to foot the bill for their expanding late-term abortion business and baby parts harvesting chop-shop. Her testimony clearly demonstrates that Planned Parenthood, at least on Cecile Richards’ watch, has no intention of ending these atrocities against humanity and is not worthy of taxpayer funding.

The Center for Medical Progress continues to cooperate with the now-five Congressional Committee investigations, subject to an unconstitutional prior-restraint TRO from Planned Parenthood’s allies at the National Abortion Federation. If Planned Parenthood wants to see all of CMP’s footage released, as they claimed in the hearing today, then they should tell their cronies at the National Abortion Federation to back down from their unconstitutional suppression of First Amendment rights to free speech and citizen journalism.

Top Planned Parenthood Exec Agrees Baby Parts Sales “A Valid Exchange,” Some Clinics “Generate A Fair Amount of Income Doing This”


Planned Parenthood Consortium of Abortion Providers National Director Deborah VanDerhei Agrees “Give Our Organization Money for the Tissue” is “A Valid Exchange,” Calls Fetal Organ Harvesting “Donation for Remuneration”

Contact: Peter Robbio, [email protected], 703.683.5004

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15–The fourth episode in a new documentary web series and 10th video by The Center for Medical Progress features several top-level Planned Parenthood executives discussing the organization’s secretive practices around aborted fetal parts harvesting. The video includes comments from Deborah VanDerhei, the National Director of the organization’s Consortium of Abortion Providers, describing the harvesting of fetal body parts as “donation for remuneration.”

The “Human Capital” documentary web series, produced by The Center for Medical Progress, integrates expert interviews, eyewitness accounts, and real-life undercover interactions to explore different themes within Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted fetal tissue. Episode 4, “Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Criminal Enterprise,” launches today at:

The video highlights conversations with Dr. Carolyn Westhoff, Senior Medical Advisor for PPFA; Dr. Vanessa Cullins, Vice President for External Medical Affairs for PPFA; and Deborah VanDerhei, National Director for the Consortium of Abortion Providers (CAPS) at PPFA.

We’ve just been working with people who want particular tissues, like, you know, they want cardiac, or they want eyes, or they want neural,” says Dr. Westhoff to a prospective fetal organ buyer. “Certainly, everything we provide–oh, gonads! Oh my God, gonads. Everything we provide is fresh.” Westhoff continues, “Obviously, we would have the potential for a huge P.R. issue in doing this,” before offering to introduce the buyers to “national office abortion people” from Planned Parenthood.

Deborah VanDerhei is the National Director for CAPS, an influential committee within Planned Parenthood that drives abortion policy across the organization. VanDerhei refers to payments for fetal tissue as “donation for remuneration,” which carries the connotation of financial reward or benefit without regard for actual expenses. VanDerhei explains, “I have been talking to the executive director of the National Abortion Federation, we’re trying to figure this out as an industry, about how we’re going to manage remuneration, because the headlines would be a disaster.

Is this really worth getting–I don’t even know what in general, what a specimen generally brings in?” VanDerhei later asks a prospective buyer. When she is told $100 per specimen, she remarks, “But we have independent colleagues who generate a fair amount of income doing this.” VanDerhei suggests that Planned Parenthood goes to great lengths to avoid leaving a paper trail about their fetal tissue activity: “It’s an issue that you might imagine we’re not really that comfortable talking about on email.

In a conversation recorded between VanDerhei and Vanessa Russo, Compliance Program Administrator for Planned Parenthood Keystone in Pennsylvania, Russo argues, “A company like this that wants to give our organization money for the tissue–I think that that’s a valid exchange, and that that’s okay.” VanDerhei nods her head up and down and affirms, “Mhm.

The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2).

Vanessa Cullins, the Vice President of External Medical Affairs, seems fully aware of the criminal exposure that fetal body parts sales present to Planned Parenthood: “This is important. This could destroy your organization and us, if we don’t time those conversations correctly,” she tells a prospective buyer.

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country, responsible for 327,000 abortions every year, and receives $528 million in taxpayer money each year. “From email black-outs to contorted oxymorons like ‘donation for remuneration,’ the lengths to which Planned Parenthood leadership will go to cover-up their illegal sale of aborted baby parts are nothing less than the desperation of a guilty conscience,” notes David Daleiden, Project Lead for CMP. “Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards openly admits they receive ‘$60 per tissue specimen,’ and their contracts with StemExpress offer payments per fetus ‘determined in the clinic to be usable.’ Planned Parenthood runs their abortion and baby parts business in open disregard for the law and should be prosecuted immediately. Their taxpayer funding should be reassigned to Federally Qualified Health Centers, which provide more and comprehensive health services at locations outnumbering Planned Parenthood 20 to 1.”


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CMP Statement on Planned Parenthood Violations Admitted In Energy & Commerce Minority Memo

It is telling that the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s Minority Memo, drafted by Planned Parenthood’s political cronies, can only cite multiple contracts between Planned Parenthood affiliates and Tissue Procurement Organizations which explicitly confirm that Planned Parenthood charges per fetus and per fetal body part for only high-quality procured tissue specimens, but the Memo cannot cite any evidence at all of actual costs incurred by Planned Parenthood. The facts are clear that Planned Parenthood receives substantially scalable payments for harvested fetus body parts, but there is still no evidence that these payments correspond in any way to any actual costs. Planned Parenthood’s political cronies, paid for with Planned Parenthood’s abortion and baby parts money, continue to abuse the English language the credulity of the American people by shrilly insisting that Planned Parenthood’s admissions of payment for baby parts and alterations to abortion procedures are not evidence of criminal activity and barbaric atrocities against humanity that the American taxpayers should not be forced to pay for.

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Vendor ABR Pays Off Clinics, Intact Fetuses “Just Fell Out”


ABR, Oldest Supplier of Baby Parts, Paid “Advisor Fee” to Clinic Leadership; Planned Parenthood CEO Admits ABR Pays Clinic $60 Per Baby Part

Contact: Peter Robbio, [email protected], 703.683.5004

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1–The ninth video in the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal focuses on Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc. (ABR), the small and secretive company that has harvested and sold fetal body parts at Planned Parenthood clinics longer than any other entity:

The video features undercover conversations with Dr. Katharine Sheehan, the long-time medical director of Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest until 2013; Perrin Larton, the Procurement Manager for ABR; and Cate Dyer, the CEO of rival fetal tissue procurement company StemExpress.

Sheehan tells actors posing as a new human biologics company that at Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest, “We have already a relationship with ABR.” Sheehan explains, “We’ve been using them for over 10 years, really a long time, just kind of renegotiated the contract. They’re doing the big collections for government-level collections and things like that.” When one of the actors negotiates, “We return a portion of our fees to the clinics,” Sheehan responds eagerly, “Right, get a toe in and make it, make a pro–alright.

In an August 27 letter to Congress, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards referenced a California Planned Parenthood affiliate that currently receives $60 “per tissue specimen” from a tissue procurement organization. The Center for Medical Progress, the group producing the videos, identified Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest and ABR as the affiliate and TPO referred to in Richards’ letter, based on process of elimination.

“We now know from Cecile Richards’ letter that $60 per collected tissue specimen is what will ‘get a toe in’ to harvest baby parts at Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest,” wrote CMP Project Lead David Daleiden. As multiple tissue specimens often come from a single fetus, $60/specimen can quickly add up to hundreds of extra dollars in revenue per abortion. The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2).

Perrin Larton, the Procurement Manager at ABR, is shown describing ABR’s fetal tissue harvesting practice to a prospective buyer. “I literally have had women come in and they’ll go in the O.R. and they’re back out in 3 minutes, and I’m going, ‘What’s going on?’ Oh yeah, the fetus was already in the vaginal canal whenever we put her in the stirrups, it just fell out,” she explains of situations where there has been a great enough degree of cervical dilation to procure an intact fetus.

ABR, founded in 1989 by CEO Linda Tracy, charges $340 per second-trimester fetal tissue specimen, yet seems less concerned about tissue quality than other harvesting companies: “Whenever we have a smooth portion of liver, we think that’s good!” says Larton.

Cate Dyer, who used to work as a procurement technician for ABR before founding her own company StemExpress, shares some of the financial details of ABR: “They were funding places in Hawaii for themselves,” she divulges. “Some staff–not that I know so much on the Planned Parenthood side, but I wouldn’t be surprised–there are some staff in the past that have been on the payroll with ABR.” According to Dyer, ABR would pay an “advisor fee” to a clinic manager or director in order to preserve their exclusive right to harvest fetal tissue at that location. “There’s like, well enough known,” says Dyer, that “for a long time there were certain clinics that because they had paid advisors that were sitting on boards for these clinics, that were also an advisor to ABR, you were just never going to go anywhere with them, you know what I mean?

“In the twisted world of baby parts trafficking from Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, there are few unbroken rules,” notes CMP’s Daleiden. “After the serious admissions in Planned Parenthood’s letter to Congress last week, it is imperative for lawmakers and law enforcement to act decisively to determine the full extent of Planned Parenthood and their proxies’ lawbreaking, hold them accountable, and stop the taxpayer funding of these barbaric atrocities against humanity.”


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CMP’s Open Letter to Congress in Reply to Planned Parenthood’s Aug. 27 Letter


Today, The Center for Medical Progress sends an open letter to Congress in reply to Planned Parenthood’s letter of August 27. CMP’s letter highlights serious admissions in Planned Parenthood’s letter, in which Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards seems to admit that her organization receives valuable consideration payments for fetal tissue, changes abortion procedures to get higher quality specimens, and supports and approves these practices at the highest level. The CMP letter is available here.

Deconstructing Planned Parenthood’s Failed “Forensic Analysis” Report

On August 27, Planned Parenthood released what they claimed was a “forensic analysis” report on CMP’s published investigative footage. In reality, the report is a pseudoscientific production by Fusion GPS, a political opposition-research company that has no forensic certifications. While the report, which contains multiple errors, set out to delegitimize CMP’s video evidence, it only provides evidence of the opposite: the report admits that “This analysis did not reveal widespread evidence of substantive video manipulation” and that it “shows no evidence of audio manipulation.

Planned Parenthood’s review of the undercover meetings with Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Dr. Mary Gatter, Dr. Savita Ginde, and Melissa Farrell identifies sections in the full footage of these conversations where bathroom breaks or waiting time between meetings were removed to protect the investigators. The Center for Medical Progress provides original recording files to law enforcement and official investigators, but endeavors to present our findings to the public in the most accessible way possible. This brief will review the specific cuts and other issues raised by the Planned Parenthood report.

Video 1: Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Senior Director of Medical Services, PPFA

The Planned Parenthood report notes that two different camera angles recorded the meeting with Dr. Nucatola. In the full footage of this conversation, the primary camera (Actor 1) is used throughout, until Actor 1 needed to use the restroom at encoded timestamp 14:32:07 (framecount ~038200). At this point, footage from the second camera (Actor 2) is supplemented so viewers can follow the conversation that continued between Dr. Nucatola and Actor 2, while Actor 1 uses the restroom. When Actor 1 returns, the primary camera footage does as well. The timestamp on the primary footage reads 14:37:43 when Actor 1 returns–the approximately 5.5 minute change in timestamp corresponds to the 5.5 minute discussion Actor 2 has alone with Dr. Nucatola.

At 14:38:06, Dr. Nucatola leaves to use the restroom, and returns at 14:41:08. The logistical discussion between the actors is not part of the conversation with Dr. Nucatola and like discussions between only the actors arriving and leaving the meeting, it is not included. Viewers following the conversation between Nucatola and the two actors hear the continuous dialog about using the restroom at these points in the video.

The bathroom breaks and actors’ logistics do not change Dr. Nucatola’s statements, and the brief change of camera footage allows the viewer to see and hear the full conversation with Dr. Nucatola.

Video 2: Dr. Mary Gatter, President of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors’ Council, PPFA

Again, the Planned Parenthood report attempts to cast aspersions on the investigative footage because of the use of two cameras. In reality, the use of multiple cameras corroborates the scenes recorded and enhances the evidentiary value of the footage. CMP provides law enforcement and official investigators with the original files from all recording devices.

Each actor uses the restroom at the beginning of the meeting with Dr. Mary Gatter. While Actor 2 uses the restroom, Actor 1’s camera documents the beginning of the conversation with Dr. Gatter. When Actor 2 returns to the table and Actor 1 leaves to use the restroom at 12:04:53, the camera changes to Actor 2’s footage, and remains there for the rest of the conversation.

As in Video 1, the continuous dialogue around the camera transition makes it clear there is a bathroom break.

Video 3: Dr. Savita Ginde, VP and Medical Director, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

The actors spent almost an entire work day at the Planned Parenthood facility shown in this video, with only a fraction of that time spent in conversation with Dr. Ginde. The full footage of their conversation with Dr. Ginde begins in a conference room meeting with her, and this conversation continues until the Planned Parenthood staff break for lunch at timestamp 10:27:07. The actors were not taken into the path lab until after abortions began and Planned Parenthood was making fetal tissue available for review at timestamp 11:01:40. The actors recorded several periods of “down-time” between abortion cases where they were alone in the path lab or in break rooms discussing logistics. Again, bathroom breaks and logistical discussions between only the actors are only presented to law enforcement and official investigators in order to protect the actors.

At 11:45:46, the Planned Parenthood so-called “forensic report” erroneously identifies a stop in the recording device. Dr. Ginde leaves the actors alone in a waiting room, and so the conversation footage resumes when Dr. Ginde returns for the one of the actors at timestamp 12:21:55.

Planned Parenthood also takes issue with two statements recorded in the dialogue: first, Dr. Ginde’s sad remark over a dismembered 11.6-week fetus that, “It’s a baby,” and second, the medical assistant’s excited exclamation that a 10-week aborted fetus is “another boy.” The Planned Parenthood report does not mark out by timestamp or framecount exactly where these statements occur in the recording, but only gives vague estimates of where they occur in the video run-time.

While the first remark from Dr. Ginde, at timestamp 11:05:07, is faint, careful listening makes the dialogue clear beginning at 11:04:52:

Actor 1: “Was that crack, was that the, just the little bits of the skull?”
Medical Assistant: “Mhm. I’m looking for–I guess we’re missing one leg. And a foot.”
Dr. Ginde: “It’s a baby.”

Dr. Ginde’s distinctive voice can be heard after the Medical Assitant references the leg and the foot of the baby, murmuring in a low, despondent tone, “It’s a baby,” and the bilabial “B” sound can be heard clearly at the end of the phrase. This is consistent with other remarks made by Dr. Ginde during the site visit, including her description of a 12-week aborted fetus at timestamp 13:54:50 as “war-torn.” The Medical Assistant also referred to the aborted 11.6 fetus as “cute” at 11:04:31, which elicited an inaudible response from Ginde.

At timestamp 14:08:29, the Planned Parenthood Medical Assistant exclaims, “And another boy!” when examining a 10-week aborted fetus. This same Medical Assistant referred to an 11.6-week aborted fetus as “cute,” frequently described looking for fetal extremities as “legs” and “feet,” and was also looking for “twins” in several of the abortion cases. The sex of fetuses was never brought up by the actors.

It is significant that Planned Parenthood singles these two statements out for special scrutiny: they are admissions from Planned Parenthood abortion workers about the violence inherent in their work. But the way the report focuses on them while simultaneously refusing to precisely flag them seems to indicate Planned Parenthood also has a guilty conscience for child-killing.

Video 4: Melissa Farrell, Director of Research, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

The Planned Parenthood report identifies a missing recording file from timestamp 07:46:47 to 08:15:15. This was due solely to human error, as the missing file, which begins at timestamp 07:46:48 and ends at 08:15:13, includes several key admissions from Farrell about PPGC’s arbitrary budgeting practices for tissue collection charges and willingness to modify abortion procedures to get more intact specimens (which even Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards has admitted). The missing clip has been supplemented here.

From 8:44:26 to 8:48:39 (mistakenly notated in the Planned Parenthood report as 8:44:39), Actor 1 uses the restroom while Farrell leaves the room to grab documents off of the printer. This is clear from the dialogue. Actor 2 also left to use the restroom during the same time. At 12:58:34, Farrell led the actors to a break room, and actors took the time to swap out recording equipment batteries and discuss logistics with each other. Farrell returns to take the actors to the clinic’s path lab at 13:50:18.

The Planned Parenthood report erroneously cites a clip of a “credit card” at 13:11:59 for the Farrell video, which is actually from the Gatter video.


The Planned Parenthood report contains multiple erroneous statements and conclusions, yet by its own words finds no “substantive video manipulation” and “no evidence of audio manipulation.” CMP’s investigative video recordings are high-quality and reproducible evidence that can be provided to law enforcement and official investigators in original recording format.


CMP Statement on Planned Parenthood’s Criminal Admissions in CEO Letter to Congress

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards makes two key admissions today in Planned Parenthood’s letter to Congress: that Planned Parenthood gets paid $60 per baby body part harvested, and that Planned Parenthood doctors alter their abortion procedures to get higher-quality body parts. Both of these admissions speak to Planned Parenthood’s financial benefit and profit motive for supplying fetal tissue, and both are the points CMP’s videos have documented and illustrated from the very beginning. When a Tissue Procurement Organization handles all dissection, packaging, and shipping of fetal organs, and all Planned Parenthood does is spend 10 minutes consenting a patient, the $60 per body part harvested quickly adds up to illegal baby parts profit for Planned Parenthood. And when a Planned Parenthood doctor manipulates the abortion to get higher-quality baby parts, they are prizing Planned Parenthood’s financial interests ahead of women’s health.

CMP Statement on Planned Parenthood’s Failed “Analysis” of Videos

Planned Parenthood’s desperate, 11th-hour attempt to pay their hand-picked “experts” to distract from the crimes documented on video is a complete failure. The absence of bathroom breaks and waiting periods between meetings does not change the hours of dialogue with top-level Planned Parenthood executives eager to manipulate abortion procedures to get high-quality baby parts for financially profitable sale. While even Planned Parenthood’s “experts” found “no evidence of audio manipulation” in the recordings, it is telling that Planned Parenthood is trying so hard to pretend that their staff did not refer to a dismembered fetus as “a baby” and “another boy.” Planned Parenthood’s abortion providers are far more honest about the brutal reality of their work than the paid political consultants at the national office. If Planned Parenthood really wants to disprove the now-overwhelming body of evidence that their affiliates traffick in baby body parts, they should release their fetal tissue contracts with the for-profit company StemExpress for law enforcement, Congress, and all the world to see.

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Buyer StemExpress Wants “Another 50 Livers/Week,” Financial Benefits for Abortion Clinics


Cate Dyer, CEO of StemExpress, LLC Partnered with Planned Parenthood since 2010, Says Company Gets “A Lot” of Intact Fetuses, Calls Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Supply a “Volume Institution”

Contact: Matille Thebolt, [email protected], 571.501.4067

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25–The eighth video in the ongoing controversy over Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted fetal body parts shows the CEO of StemExpress, LLC, a major buyer of fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood, admitting the company gets “a lot” of intact fetuses, suggesting “another 50 livers a week” would not be enough, and agreeing abortion clinics should profit from the sale:

StemExpress is a for-profit biotech supply company that has been partnered with Planned Parenthood clinics across the country to purchase human fetal parts since its founding in 2010. StemExpress’ Medical Director, Dr. Ronald Berman, is an abortion doctor for Planned Parenthood Mar Monte.

In the video, actors posing as another human biologics company meet with StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer, plus Vice President of Corporate Development and Legal Affairs Kevin Cooksy, and Procurement Manager Megan Barr. StemExpress and the actors are discussing a potential partnership to supply extra fetal body parts to each other.

So many physicians are like, ‘Oh I can totally procure tissue,’ and they can’t,” expresses Dyer, seeming to indicate that abortion doctors must do the procedure in a special way to obtain useable fetal parts. Federal law requires that no alteration in the timing or method of abortion be done for the purposes of fetal tissue collection (42 U.S.C. 289g-1).

“What about intact specimens?” asks one of the actors. “Oh yeah, I mean if you have intact cases, which we’ve done a lot, we sometimes ship those back to our lab in its entirety,” replies Dyer. “Case” is the clinical term for an abortion procedure. An “intact case” refers to an intact abortion with a whole fetus. “The entire case?” asks an actor. “Yeah, yeah,” says Dyer. “The procurement for us, I mean it can go really sideways, depending on the facility, and then our samples are destroyed,” she explains past botched fetal dissections, “so we started bringing them back even to manage it from a procurement expert standpoint.

Feticidal chemicals like digoxin cannot be used to kill the fetus in a tissue procurement case, so a fetus delivered intact for organ harvesting is likely to be a born-alive infant.

“What would make your lab happy?” asks one of the actors. “Another 50 livers a week,” says Dyer. “We’re working with almost like triple digit number clinics,” Dyer explains, “and we still need more.” She later notes, “Planned Parenthood has volume, because they are a volume institution.

Dyer also agrees that payments to abortion clinics for fetal body parts should be financially beneficial to them. “Do you feel like there are clinics out there that have been burned, that feel like they’re doing all this work for research and it hasn’t been profitable for them?” she asks. “I haven’t seen that.” StemExpress publishes a flyer for Planned Parenthood clinics that promises “Financial Profits” and “fiscal rewards” for clinics that supply aborted fetal tissue. It is endorsed by Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dorothy Furgerson:

The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2). The Sacramento Business Journal reported in June that StemExpress has an annual revenue of $4.5 million.

The video is the eighth released by The Center for Medical Progress in its investigative journalism study of Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted baby parts. “StemExpress is the ‘weakest link’ that unravels Planned Parenthood’s baby parts chain–they readily admit the profit-motive that Planned Parenthood and their proxies have in supplying aborted baby parts,” notes David Daleiden, Project Lead for CMP. “Congress and law enforcement should immediately seize all fetal tissue files from StemExpress and all communications and contracts with Planned Parenthood. The evidence that Planned Parenthood profits from the sale of aborted baby parts is now overwhelming, and not one more dime of taxpayer money should go to their corrupt and fraudulent criminal enterprise.”


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The Center for Medical Progress is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to monitoring and reporting on medical ethics and advances.

Preview Quotes from Video of Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Partner StemExpress


Today, the TRO preventing the release of footage from an undercover business dinner meeting with the top leadership of StemExpress, Planned Parenthood’s recent partner for selling baby parts, was dissolved. The following are several significant quotes from the transcript of that conversation. The video, full conversation footage, and transcript will be published shortly:

1) StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer admits that StemExpress gets intact fetuses from the abortion clinics they work with shipped to their laboratory. “Case” is the clinical term for an individual abortion (cross reference with Planned Parenthood Senior Director of Medical Services Dr.  Deborah Nucatola’s discussion of “this case, that case” in lunch video), so an “intact case” means an “intact abortion.”:

SE: Realistically, if we were to do an agreement with you, what do we think you could get?
Buyer: Volume-wise?
SE: On specifically liver tissue, because that’s such an area of demand for us.
Buyer: So liver, and what about intact specimens, just—?
SE: Oh, yeah, I mean if you had intact cases, which we’ve done a lot, we sometimes ship those back to our lab in its entirety.
Buyer: Okay.
SE: So that would also be great if you guys have those.
Buyer: The entire case.
SE: Yeah, yeah. Because it’s just, and the procurement for us, I mean it can go really sideways, depending on the facility, and then our samples are destroyed, and we’re like, “Really?” This was all so much work, and then just to have them be destroyed is awful. I mean we have researchers wait forever, and they want certain things, you know, perfectly done, so we started bringing them back even to manage it from a procurement expert standpoint.

2) Cate Dyer says that some of the abortion clinics StemExpress works with have unsanitary conditions:

SE: We’ll do testing on our side, so we’ll be able to see, you know. And sometimes we’ll find that it can be clinic-specific. I’ve seen really rampant, rampant problems with bacteria in certain clinics. [laughter] Some where you’re kind of in question of should they really, you know, [laughing]
Buyer: Right.
SE: I’ve seen staph come out of clinics.
Buyer: Wow.
SE: So, I mean, I’ve seen all sorts of things come out of clinics, so.

3) Cate Dyer estimates StemExpress is working with nearly 100 abortion clinics nationwide, and still can’t get enough fetal liver:

Buyer: What would make your lab happy? What would make your lab happy?
SE: Another fifty livers a week.
Buyer: Ok, so you can handle that?
SE: Yea. Just so you guys know, on the collection side for us, we’re also- as you see Megan out there in the clinic, we’re working with almost triple digit number clinics. So, it’s a lot on volume a little more than what we do. It’s a lot. So, I don’t think you’ll hit a capacity with us anytime in the next ten years. I think you’ll feel solid with that standpoint. So, I think, with that you’ll feel like doing an agreement with us. It will be consistant growth and our growth has been consistent, and it’s going to continue to grow from that standpoint.

4) Cate Dyer laughs and jokes about researchers being squeamish about receiving baby parts in the mail:

SE: As you probably know, one of the issues with neural tissue, it’s so fragile. It’s insanely fragile. And I don’t even know—I was gonna say, I know we get requests for neural, it’s the hardest thing in the world to ship.
Buyer: You do it as the whole calvarium.
SE: Yeah, that’s the easiest way. And we’ve actually had good success with that.
Buyer: Make sure the eyes are closed!
SE: Yeah! [laughter] Tell the lab it’s coming!
Buyer: Yeah.
SE: They’ll open the box, go, ”Oh God!” [laughter] So yeah, so many of the academic labs cannot fly like that, they’re not capable.
Buyer: Why is that? I don’t understand that.
SE: It’s almost like they don’t want to know where it comes from. I can see that. Where they’re like, “We need limbs, but no hands and feet need to be attached.” And you’re like, ? Or they want long bones, and they want you to take it all off, like, make it so that we don’t know what it is.
Buyer: Bone the chicken for me and then we’ll—
SE: That’s it.
Buyer: And then I’ll eat it, but.
SE: But we know what it is. I mean, [laughter], but their lab.
Buyer: But then it goes to that whole stigma.
SE: Oh yeah. And their lab techs freak out, and have meltdowns, and so it’s just like, yeah. I think, quite frankly, that’s why a lot of researchers ultimately, some of them  want to get into other things. They want to look at bone marrow, they want to look at adipose- sort of adult human, kind of adult based sampling. They want to avoid publishing a paper that says it was derived from fetal tissue.

5) Cate Dyer says StemExpress has a good relationship with Planned Parenthood leadership:

Buyer: Do you feel that support from Cecile [Richards] and from Deborah [Nucatola]?
SE: Yea, oh yea. You know, everyone at PPFA. I just think that you’re in the cause or you’re not. If you’re not in the cause, they don’t need you around. They need champions and if you’re not a champion, then you should go.  That’s just- I don’t know, the clinics are very guarded, as they should be. Who do they let in their house, they let champions in their house. Right? I think it’s that same concept and ABR has just never understood that. 

6) Cate Dyer believes the breakdown of how many independent vs. Planned Parenthood clinics that StemExpress is working with could be split about 50-50:

Buyer: Are you seeing any trends between the independents versus Planned Parenthoods? Your breakdown right now, are things split pretty fifty-fifty?
SE: I think it probably is. I don’t know- it is different. I don’t think that one has more pro’s or con’s than the other. I mean, Planned Parenthood has volume, because they are a volume institution.