Justice for Fetal Trafficking Crimes

In 2017, the U.S. Department of Justice announced an investigation of Planned Parenthood and other entities involved in the trafficking and sale of aborted fetal tissue. Two southern California companies have already admitted guilt for selling body parts from Planned Parenthood Orange & San Bernardino Counties and were shut down as a result. The federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed State findings of illegal trafficking of fetal body parts at Planned Parenthood in Texas, and Planned Parenthood surrendered to defunding based on these findings. The other entities involved are known but continue to operate—now is the time for justice against anyone involved in trafficking baby body parts.

Action Items

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2) Call the Department of Justice and demand Attorney General Merrick Garland ACT NOW to file charges against any entity involved in trafficking baby body parts, and Call the White House and demand Planned Parenthood be disbarred from all sources of federal funding:

DOJ Main Line: 202-353-1555
DOJ Criminal Division: 202-353-4641
The White House: 202-456-1111

3) Share CMP’s undercover video footage and new investigative videos.

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Planned Parenthood's business partners in southern California, DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics, admitted guilt and were shut down by state law enforcement for selling fetal body parts from Planned Parenthood for valuable consideration. The same sale of fetal organs and tissues as well as other associated violations, by Planned Parenthood, StemExpress, and Advanced Bioscience Resources, among others, are now well-documented through undercover video and sworn deposition testimony. We call on the Department of Justice to file charges now against anyone involved in the trafficking and sale of aborted fetal tissue, and we call on the White House to bar Planned Parenthood from all sources of taxpayer funding immediately.

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