CMP Statement on Planned Parenthood Violations Admitted In Energy & Commerce Minority Memo

It is telling that the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s Minority Memo, drafted by Planned Parenthood’s political cronies, can only cite multiple contracts between Planned Parenthood affiliates and Tissue Procurement Organizations which explicitly confirm that Planned Parenthood charges per fetus and per fetal body part for only high-quality procured tissue specimens, but the Memo cannot cite any evidence at all of actual costs incurred by Planned Parenthood. The facts are clear that Planned Parenthood receives substantially scalable payments for harvested fetus body parts, but there is still no evidence that these payments correspond in any way to any actual costs. Planned Parenthood’s political cronies, paid for with Planned Parenthood’s abortion and baby parts money, continue to abuse the English language the credulity of the American people by shrilly insisting that Planned Parenthood’s admissions of payment for baby parts and alterations to abortion procedures are not evidence of criminal activity and barbaric atrocities against humanity that the American taxpayers should not be forced to pay for.